Term Four in 1B

This term the students have been engaging in a variety of enriched learning experiences that have supported them in understanding ways they can look after our planet. After looking at the impact pollution is having on our planet, the students decided that they wanted to make a change. Through a persuasive writing piece, the students presented their ideas and understandings around pollution and climate change and shared ways that we as a community can make a change. The students have been working hard this week to create a variety of posters for our school community. These posters are aimed at stopping pollution and encouraging others to clean up their rubbish and not pick the plants

Here are some photos of the AMAZING posters that the students made:

Beacy Spirit Award Winners

Well done to all of our AMAZING award winners this week. You all bring something special to our school community. Keep up the AMAZING work.

Amelie and Olivia from 1F continually show kindness towards others and work hard in classtime.
All of 1M
Mason from 1M won the science award !
Brooklyn from 1K 🙂
Lukas Podolsky from 1H won the sports award !

1K Learning

Last week on Friday we engaged in International Orangutan Day. We learnt about the importance of protecting this amazing species and their homes.

This week we practised our skip counting by engaging in lots of fun rotations. Take a look!

This term in maths the students in 1B have been learning all about fractions. We have been learning to identify that two halves are the same as one whole. Today we related this numeracy concept to everyday life by making our very own fairy bread. We then practiced cutting the fairy bready into halves and quarters. The students had a fantastic time engaging in this learning experience and enjoyed eating their delicious fairy bread. In spelling, we have been learning to read and write a growing amount of sight words. To support the development of this skill, every Friday the students enjoy making their focus words with a variety of hands on materials. This is a creative and engaging way for students to practice forming letters and words.

Enjoy some photos of the students in 1B engaging in our learning experiences:

Our Day at Dream City!

Yesterday the Grade One’s had a fun filled day at Dream City. During our time at Dream City the students participated in a wide range of exciting activities. They learnt about different occupations , and how robotics, electronics and Virtual Reality (VR) works.

There were many ‘firsts’ experienced . Of course it was their first excursion, but for some of them it was their first time on a bus !

Thank you to all our wonderful parent volunteers! It was unfortunate that we could not have you all come along with us 🙂

Book week 2022

Today the students enjoyed participating in our Book Week dress up day. It was amazing to see so many Grade One students dress up. Reading is such an enriching part of our Grade One curriculum and it is so important that children are exposed to a variety of stories and literacy based activities. Here are some photos of our amazing costumes:

Learning in 1K

1K have been very busy the last few weeks doing lots of learning and fun activities! Have a look at what we have been up to!