Beacy Spirit Term Four Week Eight!

Wow, the weeks are really flying by! Well done to our amazing Beacy Spirit students for this week. Neiv (2N), Ash (2H), Abbie (2Y) and Gemma (2C) you have all shone bright and tried your personal best in your classrooms! Keep up the excellent effort!

We hope everyone has had an awesome weekend, and we can not wait for another week of learning and fun!

Beacy Spirit Awards – Week 7

Congratulations to these amazing students for receiving a Beacy Spirit Award in week 7 of Term 4.

Joel (2C), Ellsie & Shiloh (2N) and Blake (2H).should all be so proud of the wonderful things they have achieved this week.

Beacy Spirit – Term Four Week Six.

Well done to our awesome Beacy Spirit Award students this week. Luca (2Y), Oscar (2N), Libby (2C), Elyssa (2Y) and Rose (2H). You have demonstrated wonderful learning qualities this week. Well done!

We have had a big week of learning in Grade Two! Looking forward to another week of fun and wonderful adventures. Have a wonderful weekend.

Old Fashioned Dress Up Day

We had a wonderful morning playing games and learning about life in the olden days. Thanks to all the students for dressing up and being part of this special day. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of the activities.

Beacy Spirit Award Week Three!

Grade 2 – Old Fashioned Dress Up Day

Dear Parents, 

This term our Investigations topic is ‘Then & Now’. We will be exploring the past and how things have changed over time. To help engage the students we are going to have a special dress up day on Wednesday the 26th of October. On this day, we are inviting students to dress up in old fashioned school clothing. Students might like to wear a long skirt, button up shirt, boots, long pants, caps, braces, overalls, long socks.   

On the day students will get to participate in a range of activities from the past such as skipping, marbles, outdoor games, indoor games, school tasks (writing using a chalkboard), etc and household activities such as knitting. 

We hope all of our students can celebrate this special event. 

Kind regards, 

Grade 2 teachers

Old time dress up day at Holy Rosary Primary School | Photos | Bendigo  Advertiser | Bendigo, VIC

Beacy Spirit Award Term Four Week Two!

Well done to the Beacy Spirit Award students for week two! Johnathan (2N), Jacob (2C), Anabel (2Y) and Arlo (2H). You have shone brightly in your classrooms this week Keep up the excellent effort. What a fantastic and productive week we have all had! We are definitely jam packed full of fun and learning in the classrooms! Looking forward to another awesome week!

Fun Fruity Fractions in 2H

Yesterday the students in 2H made fraction kebabs with fruit. They could choose to make quarters, sixths or eighths and had a choice from a variety of cut up fruit (and marshmallows). We then looked at whole, halves, quarters and eights of an apple and decided that when we’re hungry we wouldn’t choose the eighths option.

Beacy Spirit Term Four Week One!

Well what a wonderful first week back we have had! We have had so much fun with our learning this week, and hearing all about each others’ holidays. Well done to our 4 Beacy Spirit award students this week. Jacob B (2C), Ash (2H), Samson (2N) and Sienna (2Y). You have had a fabulous first week back and we can’t wait to see what week 2 brings!

Beacy Spirit Award!Term Three Week Ten.

Well done to our week 10 Beacy Spirit Award student, Kai! You shone bright in the 2H classroom, and demonstrated some positive approaches to your learning and your classmates. Well done!

It’s hard to believe that holidays are upon us once again. I hope you all have a wonderful break and we can’t wait to see you all back in Term Four for some wonderful learning and adventures. Have a safe and happy holidays 🙂

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