Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving the Beacy Spirit Award for Week 9.

Will 3H – For his impressive thinking and explanations during Literacy Workshop.

Isaac 3G – For demonstrating attentive listening EVERYDAY and giving an excellent response about the colours used in illustrations. Keep it up Isaac!

Scarlett 3N – For always being enthusiastic and putting her best effort into her work. Well done!

3H and 3K Team Challenge

Today 3H and 3K had a STEM Team Challenge. In small groups, students had to use 3 pieces of newspaper to make the tallest tower without sticky tape or glue. The focus of the lesson was on teamwork and discussing what makes a good team. The students had a wonderful time and heaps of fun!

Our Harmony Tree

To celebrate Harmony Day, our Grade Three students created a handprint to join together to make a harmony tree display. The students have learnt about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. We think it looks fabulous!

Harmony Day

Today we are celebrating Harmony Day, a day to celebrate inclusiveness, respect, belonging and multiculturalism in Australia. Our Grade Three students looked so bright and colourful dressed in orange and enjoyed the activities and discussions around this special event.

Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the following Beacy Spirit award recipients for Week 8.

Keira 3H – For showing greater confidence to participate in class discussions.

Liam 3K – For always being a helpful member of 3K.

Lily 3N – For being an amazing class member and always helping others out.

ConGratulations Miss Nguyen!

The Grade Three students had a wonderful morning helping Miss Nguyen celebrate her upcoming wedding. We wish you lots of love and many years of happiness ahead as Mrs Clayton. It also looks like we may have some future wedding dress designers amongst us!

3G are Here!

For the first time in 2022, we were very excited to celebrate the entire grade being present at school. The grade were so excited and we had to take a photo to remember the exciting occasion!! 

You are all superstars đŸ€©

Beacy Spirit Award – Week 7

Congratulations to the following students:

Elise 3H- For being an exemplary class member of 3H, demonstrating kindness, a determined attitude to her work and a great sense of fun!

Shashini 3K – For always doing her personal best work and being an awesome class member.

Aaron 3N – For doing his personal best in all of his learning tasks and showing persistence in challenging activities.

Aurora 3G – For working extremely hard on all tasks with a positive attitude, especially when reading “We’re Going on a Picnic.”

3K Maths Rotations

Grade 3K loved doing maths rotations this week. Our focus was on the place value and students solved problems, used expanded notation, drew numbers using MAB and renamed numbers.

Week 6 Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations on a fabulous week to the following students:

Mackenzie 3G – For always being a well mannered and respectful student. Well done!

Caitlin 3N – For her work ethic, trying hard and giving her best.

Jackson 3K – For his amazing work ethic and persistence in the classroom.

Louis 3H – For his well written information report about eagles.