3N Literacy Fun

Students enjoying a variety of literacy activities in their rotations. Students engaged in different learning focuses that will assist with their reading, writing and spelling skills.

Week 5 – Beacy Spirit Award Winners

Well done to our Grade 3 Beacy Spirit Award winners.

Laila 3N – for always doing her personal best and being a wonderful classmate!

Asher 3H – for his involvement in class conversations eagerly supporting the learning of others.

Hope 3K – For being a team player and a kind and caring class member.

Kade 3G – For demonstrating a good argument as to why he should be SRC and showing resilience during the swimming carnival.

Poetry in 3H

This week in Literacy experience the Grade 3’s have been investigating poems that rhyme.  They have identified rhyming words and the rhyming scheme of different poems.

Their writing tasks were based upon a memory and from that they made a list of possible rhyming words associated with that memory and subsequently wrote their own rhyming couplets.  Further to this the children focused on presentation techniques ensuring their writing would appeal to the audience.

As you can see they are very proud of their efforts after a big week of learning!


The Grade Threes have been learning about location and how to create and interpret simple maps. 

To encourage real life experiences of maps, the Grade Threes used grid references to make their way around Beaconsfield Primary School. At each location they wrote down a letter and at the end, unjumbled the mystery word. 

Well done Grade Three on a fun lesson, despite some going around in circles.

week 4 – Beacy Spirit Award Winners And Nights of Reading

Well done to our Week 4 Beacy Spirit Award recipients for this week.

Ava 3H – For settling in to a new school, showing courage and resilience.

Ava 3K – For being helpful and persisting when things get tricky.

Dane 3G – For perservering with his persuasive writing and trying his personal best.

Jake 3N – For demonstrating respect for his classmates, teachers and his classroom. Awesome Work!

Congratulations also to Jackson from 3K on reaching 25 nights of reading! Students need to read for five nights a week for 15-20 minutes and have a parent sign for each day read in the student diary. Great work everyone.

Sunsmart Message

The Grade 3 students have been excellent at being sunsmart at school by wearing their hats outside during their lunch times and when outdoors. On Tuesday afternoons, we currently have a kickball tournament running with the Grade 3 and 4 students. If it is a hot day with a high UV rating, you may wish to supply some sunscreen for your child to apply during the day at first or second lunch.

Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations to our Beacy Spirit Award Winners. Well done to you all for a sensational start to the year.

Theo 3K – For being an excellent mathematician.

Emily 3G – For staying on task and being enthusiastic for learning.

Isabelle 3H – For being helpful, on task and a great team member of 3H.

Arabella 3N – a great start to BPS and always having a smile on her face!


Place Value

In Term One, students are focusing on place value. They are going to participate in a range of activities to extend their understanding and knowledge.

3N students having a great time in maths rotations practising their place value skills.

welcome to grade 3 2022

Welcome to Grade 3. The students have had an amazing start to the week and it is lovely to see their gorgeous, smiling faces arrive every morning. The teachers are so excited to have a great year with everyone.

From left – Suzanne Humphries, Lisa Kidd, Qui Nguyen and Stacey Grindy