Beacy Spirit Week 7

Congratulations Georgia, Linkin, Noah and Eva!

Beacy spirit week 6

Well done to Willow, Allegra, Jake and Max!

Great Pyramid Of Beacy

Week 5 Beacy Spirit Awards

Viking maRket

Students have been learning about Australian currency. They consolidated this by having a ‘Viking Market’ – tying in with the week’s Inquiry focus on Norse mythology – and quickly learnt about checking your change!

Beacy Spirit Week 3

Congratulations to Sophie, Peyton, Luke and Jake for standing out these past few weeks with your work and attitude!

Awards galore!

Our boys’ Hoop Time team of Jax, Jackson, Jye, Luca, Lewis, Linkin and Ryder (absent). The boys made it to semi-finals but were beaten -just!
Annabelle & Eliza designed the winning movie poster. Enjoy your prizes, girls!
Riley, Ava, Melody & Emily stood out this week for their amazing Beacy spirit. Congratulations!

Awards week one

Kai, Ava, Nate & Xander showed excellent Beacy Spirit last week.
Ava, Allegra and Courtney won specialist awards.

CHance & Probability bonanza

Today is dedicated to chance, a maths concept we’ve covered over the last few days.

Inquiry sport bonanza

Students have invented their own games and are enjoying a day of playing their peers’ sports.