Messages from Mrs Inglis

We are nearly half way through the school year – with one more week to go.  I hope you were able to enjoy some time with your family over the long weekend – out and about or in the comfort of your nice warm home.  I went straight to the shops and purchased a nice warm coat for gate and yard duty – that I am certainly getting good use out of.

Excursions and Camps

It is fantastic that we have camps being planned again, as we have not been able to hold them in the last two years.  Our grade 6 students are the only students at our school that have experienced this awesome event.  We hope that all our grade 3 to 6 students are able to join us.

We are aware that costs have increased – petrol/bus hire being one of the biggest to impact our camps.  If anyone is experiencing financial difficulties with paying for camp or any excursions, we encourage you to come to speak to either the office staff or the leadership team.  We are happy to work with families to make sure you are accessing all your entitlements through CSEF or can work out a payment plan.  If we know you need support, we are then able to help so please let us know.

Child Safe Standards

We have new Child Safe Standards being implemented in term 3 and you will receive more information about the changes.  All children have the right to feel safe and be safe, but safety does not just happen.  The Standards exist to prevent harm and abuse from happening to all our children.  All organisations that work or have volunteers with children and young people, are required to meet the Standards.

One of the processes that safe guard our students is ensuring that all people working with or near our students hold a Working With Children’s Check registered to Beaconsfield Primary School.  Therefore, if you wish to be a helper in the classroom, at our school or on an excursion or camp you must hold one of these and have Beaconsfield Primary School listed as an organisation.  The process for applying for a card can take some time, so it is a good idea to begin this as soon as possible.  You are also required to have a WWC to do any volunteer work – such as coaching or instructing so it is handy to have.

To add Beaconsfield Primary School as an organisation does not take long to do online but we do required the paperwork to be sent to our school before you are eligible to participate.  This can also take some time – so once again, begin this as soon as possible.

This is one of the many safe guards we implement at Beacy to ensure the safety of all our students.  We will provide you with more information next term for the new Standards and policies.

Curriculum Day

On Tuesday the staff spent a day of Professional Learning around the Social and Emotional Curriculum.  We worked through the Respectful Relationships program.  It was a great day to spend together to look at current research and effective practices to ensure that we are supporting our students.  We listened to our very engaging presenter and participate in activities that students would undertake and discussed how we could support our students’ learning.

It was a great day to take that opportunity to focus on the Social and Emotional learning for our Beacy students and we know that whilst we have always had a focus on this at our school, the past two years have impacted our students.

Victorian High Ability Program

It is time to celebrate three of our students in grade 6 who were selected to participate in the Victorian High Ability Program.  Congratulations to Audrey, Niamh and Mia who were selected on their academic achievements.  These students participated in a weekly virtual classroom for literacy.  They gave up their lunchtimes and had homework and were part of a class to extend their knowledge and understanding.  We are so proud of their achievement.

Region Cross Country

Since our last newsletter, we have had Division Cross Country and Region Cross Country.  The team did a fantastic job at Division, and we had 7 students make it through to Region.  We had students ranging from grade 3 to 6 and they all did an amazing job.  Unfortunately they did not make it through to State but what a great result to have so many of our students proceeding to different stages and giving it their absolute best.  We are so proud of all our Beacy students.

Time to say ‘goodbye’

We have a couple of staff leaving Beaconsfield Primary School.  Fiona Drury has been working at our school as an Education Support Staff.  Fiona has decided to move into a different industry and take on new challenges.  She has loved her time at Beacy and we have loved working with her – with our students, staff and families.  Fiona could always be seen around our school with a huge smile, always greeting and making everyone feel welcomed.  We wish Fiona all the best.

Alice, our school chaplain, has decided to reduce her days and therefore she will be leaving our school.  We have enjoyed meeting Alice this semester and I know many students have benefited from her support in the program.  We thank Alice for all her hard work.

We are now lookig at finding a replacement for the wellbeing program and will let you know when we have been successful.

Opposite Day – Thursday 23rd June

The SRC have come up with a fun day where we come to school dressed in something ‘opposite’.  This is where you and your child can use your creativity to come up with some very clever ideas.  If you are stuck, some ideas are pjs, an elderly person, a parent, a teacher, superhero.

The day is to raise funds for State Schools’ Relief.  State Schools’ Relief is a not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students, and their families, each year.  Our students feel they are very privileged to come to our school and have the great opportunities they are provided and wanted these same experiences to be made available for other kids.

School Reports

Next week we will be uploading your child’s report to Sentral – Parent Portal.  The teachers have done a tremendous effort to teach and assess with students coming and going due to illness.  It has been lovely that our school has been open every day with lots of teaching and learning happening.

We will hold off sending the Celebration books/folders home until next term – just so they do not get misplaced over the holidays.  These books/folders will show examples of your child’s learning for the first semester.  They then come back to school to have work added in for the remainder of the year.

Please make sure you can access Sentral – Parent Portal.  If you have any issues logging in, please contact the school office.  If you have forgotten your password, please email the school for a new password.

Term 2 finishes next Friday 24th June at 2:30pm. I wish everyone a lovely term break.  I hope you are all able to use the holidays to do things that make you smile and enjoy the special times with your family.  As the weather does hinder some of our plans – I hope you are able to get out and explore new places and experiences.

Have a great break.

Heidi Inglis

Office News!


Friday 17th June – Last Canteen day for Term 2

Friday 17th June – ORDERS DUE Treat Day

Friday 24th June – Last day of term 2, 2:30pm finish

Monday 11th July – First Day of Term 3

Wednesday 13th July – First Canteen day for the term


With the cooler months approaching it may be a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag as they can come back from play times with muddy, wet clothing. We have very limited spare clothing at school, phone calls to parents will be made requesting dry clothing to be brought to school.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled so any lost uniforms can be returned to their rightful owners.

June Birthdays

Callan L, Seth G, Eliza P, Eleanor C, Sadie B, Hugo G, Amelia M, Valentina M, Matilda N, Matilda H, Liam G, Samuel S, Oliver S, Roman E, Ava A, Kevin T, Tahlia N, Kaylee W, Archer T, Nate J, Abbie V, Mia P, Olivia D, Hayden B, Peggi F, Billie D, Neiv S, Georgia B, Caitlyn W, Kairi D, Sarah A, Elyssa T, Rylan S, Amelia N, Kobe A, Daisy B, Tawhiri S, Mason P, Jake H, Willow D, Harshitha P, Patrick C, Kai C, Taylor B, Elpida V, Ava R, Jade T, Zaiden T, Lewis P, Layla P, Henley R, Reina M, Henry D, Lily B, Reece B, Holly H, Luca B, Niamh I, Mathijs C, Levi C, Amelia C, Ben L, Wesley R and Jack S.

Messages from Mrs Inglis

Welcome to week 6 of term 2.  We are certainly getting through the year and we only have three more weeks for the term.  The season has changed to winter (in a blink of an eye) and it was certainly felt with the very wet day on Wednesday. 

Just a reminder that we have a public holiday on Monday 13th June (Queen’s Birthday) and a curriculum day on Tuesday 14th June (student-free day).  On the curriculum day the staff will be continuing their professional learning around our Respectful Relationship program. 

Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships is a program around respect and inclusiveness. Everyone in our community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally. We know that changes in attitudes and behaviours can be achieved when positive attitudes, behaviours and equality are embedded in our education settings.

Respectful Relationships is about embedding a culture of respect and equality across our entire community, from our classrooms to staffrooms, sporting fields, fetes and social events. This approach leads to positive impacts on student’s academic outcomes, their mental health, classroom behaviour, and relationships between teachers and students.

At Beaconsfield Primary School, we have a lovely community and culture and it is important that we are always working to make sure that it stays this way and everyone feels supported and included.

Cross Country

The students who made it through to District Cross Country competed on Thursday 25th May.  Shae has written a recount of the day.  All students did an incredible job.  Eleven students have made it through to Division.

“On the 25th of May, 52 students from Grade 3-6 went to Toomuc Reserve in Pakenham to compete in the District Cross Country. We first met at the gazebo and organised our singlets and stickers. The bus left school at 11:00am, ready for the first race at 12:00pm.

The 3/4’s went first. They had to run a 2km track and they all did an amazing job. After that, the Grade 5s followed, however they had to run 3km. They tried so hard, which resulted in lots of them coming in the top 10. At the end, the Grade 6’s got to race and I was really proud of how we all went, and once again, lots of us made it in the top 10!

To cap off what was an awesome day, Beaconsfield Primary School got announced as the winners of the District! What an achievement and I can’t wait for Division!


Education Week

Last week we celebrated Education Week.  Whilst we all believe that every week is Education Week at Beacy, it was an opportunity to organise some activities to showcase learning.  One exciting event is the National Simultaneous Storytime where all students across the country heard the story, ‘Family Tree’.

I have a few thoughts from our students as to what it means to be a student at Beaconsfield Primary School.

Some thoughts from Preps:

Dexter – “It is about having fun. I just like how school is.’

Kai – “It is about playing with friends. Not just from my classroom. Sometimes from other classrooms.”

Ella – “It is where people treat you good. They take turns with me.”

Axel – “It is about playing with friends. Friends at school are good because they make good choices.”

Easton – “It is about learning fun new stuff.”

Lexie – “We become mathematicians. We learn about being a writer and a reader. We play fun games.”

Sophia – “We have lots of places to play. We play in literacy groups, we play and learn. We learn to write letters and read. It is fun.”

Chloe – grade 3

As a Beacy Primary Student you never get lonely, there is always a friend or somebody on your side. You’ll feel like you’re at a party! We learn so much but the teachers always make it enjoyable by using group work and physical activities. Every day we do something new on a different subject so it isn’t always the same – they try to make a variety of learning. At lunchtimes there’s always something fun to do! Either go mad and crazy, or relax while playing.

Taylor – grade 5:

“I have been at Beacy for more than four years and it has always been so welcoming.  I have so much support from all the staff and teachers and I have lots of good friends.  Beacy has so many good things to offer like sport competitions, specialists and amazing facilities.  I love running on the oval and playing on the playgrounds.  There are so many subjects at Beacy and fun activities to help you learn at school.  Being a student at Beacy has given me knowledge, good friends and a love of school.”

Congratulations Tyson Buckingham

I must apologise for not letting our community know that Tyson Buckingham has the role of Assistant Principal.  Tyson continues to work with Linda Amos (Assistant Principal) and myself as part of our leadership team. Tyson has been acting in the role from 2020 and he was a standout applicant in last term’s recruitment process.  Beaconsfield Primary School is very lucky to have Tyson working with our community.  His passion around curriculum and current ‘best practices’, sees his role working with our staff to ensure the most effective teaching and learning program is happening in our classroom.

Last week we had the opportunity to showcase the way our teachers work in their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to other schools. We had lots of teachers coming to hear what we do at Beacy and watch our teachers in action as they plan their programs.  Everyone who came was extremely impressed with our practices.

Well done to Tyson, our PLC leaders and our teachers.  Fantastic job everyone!

Keep warm,

Heidi Inglis

Office News!


Friday June 10 – PAYMENT DUE: P&F Fruit & Veg boxes

Monday 13th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 14th June – Curriculum Day – Student Free Day

Friday 17th June – ORDERS DUE: Treat Day

Friday 24th June – Last day of term 2 – 2:30 dismissal


With the cooler months approaching it may be a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag as they can come back from play times with muddy, wet clothing. We have very limited spare clothing at school, phone calls to parents will be made requesting dry clothing to be brought to school.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled so any lost uniforms can be returned to their rightful owners.


Could we please ask parents that if you need to collect your child/ren early could you please ring the Office on 9707 1510 if it’s a collection for the same day, as an email may not be seen in time. If the early collection is for coming days please email the school.

Messages from Mrs Inglis

Today we had Walk Safely to School day.  Thank you to all our families who joined the staff from Beacy, our local police officers, and our mascots.  The turn out was amazing and it felt like half our school was there.

The initiative is a way of developing exercising routines in children, promoting improved diets, positive environmental action through decreased dependency on cars and most importantly, familiarising children with important road safety rules such as “children aged 10 years or under must always hold the hand of an adult when crossing the road”.

Responding to flu and cold season

Flu and cold season is upon us, with some people from the Beacy community impacted.  We know how easily it can spread so it is important that we all work together.  To help keep your child and our school community safe, please take the following steps if your child has any cold or flu-like symptoms:

  • take a COVID-19 test and follow the current Department of Health isolation requirements if a positive result is shown
  • keep your child at home until their symptoms pass
  • common flu-like symptoms include a high fever, cough, runny nose, loss of appetite, body aches and feeling extremely weak and tired
  • diagnosis of the flu can only be confirmed by a doctor after a nose or throat swab
  • encourage your child to wash their hands regularly and ask them to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing.

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)

RATs will continue to be distributed to you as they have been throughout this school year for the remainder of this term.  However, from Monday 23 May 2022, students will no longer be recommended to undertake twice weekly RATs.  RATs however will continue to be required by students who are household contacts to attend school (5 negative tests over a 7 day period) or who have symptoms.

The ongoing supply of RATs to families in our school will ensure that parents and carers will have them should they need them if their child is a household contact or has symptoms.

Families must continue to notify the Department of Health and the school if their child returns a positive RAT result. Additionally, you should inform us if any of your children are household contacts.

Parking around school – Kiss ‘n Go

The drop off area in Lyle Avenue is affectionately known to us as our “Kiss ‘n Go” area. Drivers are not to leave their cars, and should be in the area for no longer than 2 minutes (the sign is very hard to see). The area flows really well when everyone follows the rules. We do have Council officers and the police visit from time to time and will issue fines.

A couple of handy hints that could help:

  • Make sure your child knows if you will be at Kiss ‘n Go at 3:30pm and tell them to come straight out to the car.
  • Pay attention in your car and keep moving up as cars leave Kiss ‘n Go.
  • If someone new is picking up your child in Kiss ‘n Go, make sure you have explained how the pick up works.

Please remember to abide by the road laws – drive really carefully around the area, do not park on nature strips or block roundabouts or driveways.  Please do not put our students at risk and we also need to consider the neighbours. 

Thanks for considering the safety of our students.

Sentral For Parents app

We use the Sentral for Parents app to communicate with our families.  The app will push out notifications of events and information about the school, allow you to notify the school about absences, list dates on the calendar and allow permission to be given for excursions.  Please make sure you have downloaded it and are familiar with all its features.  If you require any assistance, please speak to our office staff.

We have been having some issues with the app lately, which we have passed on to the provider.  It is good practice if you have not received a notification in a few days, open up the app regularly to check – it has been known to log people out.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

Don’t forget that our staff have their Professional Practice Day on Thursday 26th May so students are not required at school.  If you require care for your child, OSHClub is available.

Enjoy the weekend.

Heidi Inglis

Office News!


Monday 23rd May: EXCURSION DUE – Leaders Lunch (Permission only)

Thursday 26th May: Professional Practice Day, No students at school

Thursday 6th May: EXCURSION DUE – Gr 5&6 City Experience $13.00

Monday 13th June: Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Tuesday 14th June: Curriculum Day, No Students at school

Thursday 16th June: EXCURSION DUE – Prep Dino World excursion $35.00

Friday 24th June: Last day of Term 2, 2:30pm dismissal


With the cooler months approaching it may be a good idea to keep a spare change of clothes in your child’s bag as they can come back from playtimes with muddy, wet clothing. We have very limited spare clothing at school, phone calls to parents will be made requesting dry clothing to be brought to school.

Please ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled so any lost uniforms can be returned to their rightful owners.


Could we please ask parents that if you need to collect your child/ren early could you please ring the Office on 9707 1510 if it’s a collection for the same day, as an email may not be seen in time. If the early collection is for coming days please email the school.