Messages from Mrs Inglis

Here we are in December!  I hope as the year is coming to an end, it has been a great 2022 for you – lots of fun times with the family, lots of adventures, lots of smiles and laughter.

Writing Competition

During Term 3, we held a writing competition at our school.  Students from each year level, were welcomed to enter a piece of their writing. There was no topic and any type of writing could be entered so students were able to showcase their strengths. Last week’s assembly we announced the winners of the Beaconsfield Writing Competition.  Each winner was awarded with their very own copy of their published writing. We have also placed a copy in our library for everyone to read.  Congratulations to all those who entered into the competition.

The winning entries:

  • Prep: Georgia PB, Braith PF, Eden PG, Hamish PH, Isla PA
  • Grade 1: Poppy 1B, Tori 1K, Beatrice 1H, Freddy 1M, Harshitha 1F
  • Grade 2: Ilir 2H, Sophia 2Y, Eliza 2C, Finley 2N
  • Grade 3: Shashini 3K, Elise 3H, Chloe 3H, Max 3G
  • Grade 4: Liv 4N, Eva 4D, Miheli 4D, Stella 4C
  • Grade 5: Ollie 5P, Scarlett 5J, Ava 5B, Tay 5C,
  • Grade 6: Shae 6S, Elyssa 6O, Audrey 6O, Mabel 6S


With only a few weeks to go, we have a couple of assemblies left to acknowledge our students.  Next week we have our regular fortnightly assembly where we give out our Beacy Spirit awards, specialist awards and make announcements.

On Monday 12th December, we will have our final assembly for the year.  At this assembly we will announce our grade 6 captains for 2023, acknowledge our students who reached 300 nights of reading, announce the winners of the Christmas raffle, say our ‘goodbyes’ and lots more.  This assembly starts around 2:45pm in the shed.  I hope you are able to come along and celebrate with us.

School Concert

I am sure you have heard from your child how they are getting ready for the concert (or are they trying really hard to keep their performance a surprise for you?).

On Wednesday 14th December we have two concerts. 

  • Junior (Prep, grade 1 and grade 2) 12:30 – 1:30pm
  • Senior (Grade 3, grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6) 2:00 – 3:00pm

We all know that these events will be well attended so make sure you give yourself lots of time to park, walk to our school and get seated.  We will open up the school gates on Lyle ave at 12:10pm for families to access our school.  We will open the gate closest to the shed area.

There will be clearly designated areas for people sitting on rugs and where you can sit if you have brought a chair.  As a school, we will provide limited seating for elderly or those with special needs. If on the afternoon, you need additional support, please see a staff member.

It will be a very exciting and busy afternoon for everyone.  Please remember that your child is at school and in the care of their teacher, so we need them to stay with their grade at all times.

You were sent a very informative brochure regarding all the details of the concert.  Please make sure you are familiar with it.

It is a timely reminder about our ‘Photographing, Filming and Recording Students’ policy.

Beaconsfield Primary school requests that parents/carers, students and invited guests who photograph, film or record school activities only do so for their own personal use and do not publish the images in any form, including on social media, without the prior consent of persons whose children also appear in the images.

We will also be recording our school concert and grade 6 graduation for DVD sales, and if your child participates, they may appear in these recordings which will be available to the whole school community.

Road safety around school

As pedestrians around our school, can I please encourage you to use our school crossings where applicable.  If you are walking across Lyle ave, rather than crossing close to the highway on the corner, where cars are coming from a number of directions, please walk up to school crossing.  This is a safer place to cross.

There are some roads that are unavoidable so we need to ensure we model safe behaviours and if your children are of an age to be walking by themselves, you have discussed road safety.  Roads such as crossing at Goff St, the pedestrian crossing on Glismann road, the roundabout on Lyle ave and Mahon ave all present their own issues.

As drivers, can you please ensure that we are more cautious and aware when driving around the school when students are being dismissed.  They are such precious little people and sometimes do not have the same reasoning and judgements as we do as adults.  Thank you for being a positive role model for our students.

Thank you

Recently we sold poppies and badges for Remembrance Day.  Our school raised $1101.75 for the Pakenham RSL Sub Branch.  We had the highest money raised for all the schools.  Thank you to our community for their support for this great cause.


James Burke welcomed a beautiful baby girl last month.  Sophie arrived safely to the delight of her parents and big brother.  Everyone is doing well and having lots of fun getting to know each other and looking forward to Christmas.  James will return in 2023 but we did get to have a quick visit on Wednesday.


On Wednesday we moved into our grades for 2023 for a visit.  Your child spent some time in their new grade – meeting their teachers and classmates.  They will have come home with a letter from their teacher.  We will hold one more session for your child to become familiar with their new teacher and classmates, and to learn about and ask questions around next year.

Dress Up Day – What I want to be when I grow up!

Our SRC would like to finish up with a fun dress up day.  There is no donation required – just your imagination and fun.

Remember when dressing up that we still need to be SunSmart – shoulders need to be covered.  If you child is going to wear a singlet, make sure they have a t-shirt underneath.  Also, costume details can be important but please make sure they have sensible footwear for playing in a school ground.  Runners are always preferred when outside.

I am looking forward to seeing what ideas our students come up with.  I am sure we will see lots of sports people and maybe some future scientists, teachers, astronauts, electricians, etc.  Our world is endless with possibilities of future careers.  They might even like to dress up as a parent who inspires them!

With only a couple of weeks to go, there is still so much to happen.  I have started to have some parents let me know that they are heading off a bit earlier this year.  This school year is a funny one, with us finishing up on a Tuesday.  If you are planning on leaving us a bit early, just let your teacher know or enter it on Sentral.  This will make sure that your child does not miss out on getting everything sent home.

For those following the Socceroos, I hope they have a win on Sunday morning. What an exciting World Cup it has been for the team!

Heidi Inglis

When I grow up I want to play for the Melbourne Stars!

Office News!


Friday 2nd December – Blast Cricket (Selected students)

Friday 2nd December – PERMISSION DUE – Students vs Parents/Teachers

Saturday 3rd December – Gr 6 2023 Uniform to be ordered by today

Monday 5th December – PAYMENT & PERMISSION DUE – Gr 6 Funfields excursion

Tuesday 6th December – Gr 6 Jubilee Garden Opening

Friday 9th December – Last day of Canteen for 2022

Friday 9th December – Beacy Fun Fair

Wednesday 14th December – End of year Celebration Concert. Juniors 12:30pm, Seniors 2:00pm

Thursday 15th December – Grade 6 Graduation

Friday 16th December – Dress up Day ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’ theme

Monday 19th December – Gr 6 Funfields excursion

Tuesday 20th December – End of Term 4, 1:30pm finish

Monday 30th January – Term 1 begins for Gr 1 – 6

Tuesday 31st January – Term 1 begins for Prep

Wednesday 1st February – No Preps at school


Energy Breakthrough, Maryborough 2022

What an adventure this turned out to be!!!!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped make it possible, the preparation for this event started weeks before the 3 days in Maryborough. No matter how big or small your contribution THANK YOU!!! Well done to all the students involved for your fantastic Beacy spirt and accepting all the changes that came our way with the right attitude. Now the story of what happened.

The Try Athlon competition was made up of 5 activities for points adding up to 100 points over 3 days, 2 presentations and 3 riding events. Beaconsfield Primary School had 3 teams entered event under our name in the Try Athlon. A primary school team competing in ‘Wasp’ made up of four girls and three boys from Beaconsfield Primary School. An all-girls team in ‘Storm’ in the secondary school class consisting of current and former students. Lastly an all-boys team racing ‘Gotta Catch’em All’ in the open class made up of former students and Mr Cole’s two sons. Riders currently at Beaconsfield PS were Erin S, Elyssa T, Eleanor C, Emma C, Scarlett C, Max M, Kristian D and Mathijs C.

Most families arrived in camp Wednesday evening, not on our usual nice green oval at the track but a 10 minute walk down the road in the Salvation Army paddock due to the rain that had occurred on the lead up to the event. We were still able to make ourselves a comfortable base of operation.

Thursday the 2 presentations took place and there were 40 points for grabs. Display and presentation was a poster presentation and had the students speaking to judges about the training they had done to prepare for the event, how the school tries to be environmentally friendly, heathy eating, the history of the program and the sponsors and friends that had made it possible to compete. Design and construction was where the riders spoke about their vehicle, safety features and the race rules.

Friday we hit the track nice and early with a 7:15am start for practice on the endurance track which also doubled as qualification grid positions the next day. Over the remainder of the day the 3 teams split up to compete in 2 sprint events, the obstacle course and the time trail. Both events required riders to complete 1 lap of the track them, a pit stop to change to the next rider, the rider change overs being the key to these events. Depending on the class the races were 8 or 16 laps in length. The obstacle course tested the rider’s control of the vehicle and the time trial their speed.

The real adventure started on a beautifully sunny Friday afternoon when team managers were called to an urgent meeting, pausing the races, to let us know that the weather was not going to be as kind the next day for the 8 hour endurance race. Heavy rain, thunder and lightning were on the way. A whole team meeting was held at camp that evening and all families decided to stay and race.

Saturday morning had us packing up the camp site in preparation for the afternoon storm and making our way to the track ready for eight hours of racing. Final preparation of the vehicles for wet weather racing was required due to light rain making the track wet. Our pit area needed to be set up and once again we found ourselves standing in muddy puddles.

The eight hour endurance race started with a parade lap at 2:00pm. About 4:30pm team managers were again called to an urgent meet and this time we were told the race would not be finishing at 10:00pm as planned but in 30 minutes time, 5:00pm. Our racing had been cut from eight hours to three hours. We would have about an hour to pack everything away before the storm arrived. With GREAT teamwork this was achieved.

Dinner was pizza back at the camp site before we all went our separate ways home through what had become heavy rain. Everyone making it safely home eventually, some of us having some extra adventures along the way, Saturday night or Sunday morning. Results came through over the next week:

· ‘Wasp’ in the primary school class 15th

· ‘Storm’ in the secondary school class – 3rd

· ‘Gotta Catch’em All’ in the open class – 1st

Thank you again to everyone who made this a successful event.

Mr Cole

December Birthdays

Joshua R, Tayla B, Sophia Z, Flynn D, Jackson K, Georgia M, Jax T, Flynn W, Kian R, Axl F, Izach P, Macie G, Sophie R, Eve C, Isla C, Jack A, Ted B, Axel A, Cadence B, Ruby M, Theo Y, Ryan P, Emmie R, Archer T, Breeana W, Ezekial P, Holly K, Keishaani T, Hamish M, Madeline D, Kristian D, Bella T, Ophelia C, Anabel N, Poppy H, Ebony B, Indigo E, Stella S, Matilda W, Millie E & Blake A.

Messages from Mrs Inglis

Happy Friday!  With the sun shining and the weekend approaching, it is easy to put a smile on your face.  I hope you have something happening this weekend that makes you smile.

Movie Night

Thank you to the Beacy community for supporting this event – it was certainly the place to be on a Friday night.  Unfortunately, I was hit by illness and unable to attend but all recounts from everyone was that it felt great to be with other parents and children.

There were some challenges that were presented on the night but the resilience of our community shone through.  Thank you to all those people who show patience, understanding and support as everyone worked very hard to get this event happening.  Speaking to the students the highlights were being at school at night and having the glow sticks and parents have fedback that it was nice to take the time to stop in our busy lives and catch up with friends.

We need to thank Alison and the P&F committee for organising this night.  As we are all aware, there is lots of planning beforehand and lots of hard work on the night.  The committee is made up of a small number of dedicated volunteers and with the addition of volunteers helping on the night, they ran an event that saw hundreds of people of attend.  Also thank you to our grade 6 students for being part of the stall and the HPV students and parents.

We are all looking forward to what you are planning for next year!


Change is coming and this can make many people nervous and anxious.  We all know that it is inevitable that change happens in life.  As part of education, every year at Beaconsfield Primary School our students say goodbye to their grade and teacher for the year and move to the next stage in their education.  This is a time of celebration that we are ready for the next challenges.

However, we must be aware of what change does to us and our children.  For some people, it comes easily and they have the resilience to deal with it well.  This is what we hope for all of our students.  We have supported our students all through the year to deal with issues and worked with them on their mental wellbeing. 

To support your child, here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure that you are talking about their next stage in a positive way – how exciting, you are ready, this is a good thing, you can do this.
  • Be mindful of how much you talk about it – sometimes it might be too much.
  • Support your child to see what they can control.  Somethings are not in their control so there is no need to worry about it.  They need to trust the process and they will be able to deal with the outcome.
  • Be mindful of how you are feeling about change as you are their role model.  If you are nervous or anxious, this is contagious and your child might be ‘catching’ your emotions.
  • Take moments to check in with your child as to how they are feeling and see if they are able to state what they are wondering or concerned about.  Answer their questions honestly and if you don’t know what the answer is, try problem solving as to how you find out the solution – who could we ask? 

As a school, we are constantly working with our students to deal with ‘change’ in a healthy way.  As we get closer to the end of year, your child will have transition sessions in their grade for next year.  Yesterday, we held sessions for our 2023 Preps at our school.  They had opportunities to see our school and meet some of our staff.  Our grade 6 students will have visits to their secondary schools in December to have similar experiences.

If you feel your child’s emotions are making them struggle with transition, please seek support and reassurance from your child’s classroom teacher.

Remembrance Day

On Friday 11th November, Beaconsfield Primary School came together to take a moment to acknowledge our history of Remembrance Day.  Our SRC representatives presented at the ceremony the history of Remembrance Day.  The school participated in a minute silence.

We thank those members of our community who joined our ceremony.  We thank the SRC representatives for presenting a beautiful and moving service.

School grounds

Have you walked through our grounds lately? We have had lots happening and I thought I would bring it to your attention as all these great things happen from the support of our community.  With your support with paying contributions, contributing to building and grounds funds and fundraising we have been able to make our school grounds a lovely place for our students.

Our bike shed has a concrete floor and bike racks.

Grade 1 students have been planting and making signs to promote people to look after our gardens.

Grade 5 students have a new garden area in between their portables and have been busy planting. We have also had extra concrete paths and widen paths around their portable area.

Mia was instrumental in organising a grade 6 garden which saw all our grade 6 students planting succulents outside their classroom. Trish and Pete were amazing support for this project – and many more that happen around our school.

Here is one of the many new games that we have had added to our playground. We have had 8 new games placed in our playground for students to use during lunchtimes. I hope your child has told you about them.

2022 Art Show

Our amazing Visual Arts teachers have been working hard with your children and have put together an Art Show.  Every student has a piece of artwork on display.  We hope you are able to come and view all the masterpieces.

The Art Show is located in our Gallery in level 2 from Monday to Wednesday next week from 3:30 to 4pm.

This weekend we have our HPV team at Maryborough.  We wish them all the best and look forward to our next newsletter to hear about the event.

Have a lovely weekend.

Heidi Inglis

Office News!


Monday 21st November – Gr 2 Excursion Legoland Discovery Centre

Monday 21st November – PAYMENT DUE – State Final Gr 3/4 Future Stars Hoop-Time

Tuesday 22nd November – State Finals Gr 5/6 All Stars Hoop-Time

Monday 28th November – PERMISSION DUE – Jubilee Garden opening Photo

Saturday 3rd December – Gr 6 Uniforms to be ordered by today

Messages from Mrs Inglis

Hello Beacy community,

I hope today is a good day for you – and maybe if it is not, you are able to do something to look after yourself and turn it around.

Writing at Beacy

Last newsletter I wrote about writing.  I received an amazing piece of writing from one of our grade 1 students that I would like to share with you.

Cruz wrote a persuasive piece of writing about looking after our environment.

‘I believe that we should save electricity because it gets gases into the air. 

We should remember to recycle our rubbish because if we don’t it will make the animals sick.

Finally, we should pick up rubbish because if we don’t it will destroy nature completely.

In conclusion I believe if we don’t start protecting our planet now it will become a dump.’

What an amazing piece of writing!  Cruz has affectively communicated his thoughts and ideas in a well constructed writing piece.  His use of vocabulary is fantastic for a child of 6 years (nearly 7). Well done, Cruz.  You should be so proud of your work.  I look forward to reading more of our writing pieces.

Farewell Brooke Dearing

Ms Dearing is leaving us next week to rest up before the arrival of her baby.  Miss Dearing has been part of Beaconsfield Primary School for the past two years and has been the teacher of grade 4D this year.  We have loved having her part of our community and have appreciated her caring nature towards our students. Brooke, working with Danielle Crossman, has created a great classroom, that supports our children to learn.  Whenever I am in their room, the students are happily engaged in their learning.

As parents, we all know how exciting it is before the lead up to meeting your child.  We wish Brooke all the best in her new role as parent.

State Athletics

On Wednesday our Will, Lane, Jax and Jai competed at State Athletics in 4* 100m relay team.  They did an amazing job.  They came second in their heat, which qualified them for the finals.  After a long wait, they competed in the final and finished 5th.  The boys were able to run a slightly quicker time in the final.  What a wonderful achievement!  We look forward to watching their successes in the future.

End of day pick up

Do you ever get the feeling that it always rains at 3:30pm!  We have had some very wet afternoons and the other day was the wettest I have experienced all year.  I thought I would take the opportunity to remind everyone of our afternoon procedures.

At the end of the day, students will be dismissed from their classroom and follow your pick up arrangements.  We will have staff at the gate on the Princes Hwy and at Kiss’n’Go.  The staff member will stay on the gate until 3:45pm.  At 3:45pm a bell will sound and any child that has not been collected, will head into the office where they will wait for you.  Sometimes we will give you a ring to check on your arrival time and to let you know that your child has moved into the office.

Therefore, please be reassured that if you are held up in traffic that your child is with us.  It is always a good idea to tell your child to wait near our staff so if you are running late, we can keep them company and move them inside when the bell rings.

If you know early enough that your pick up arrangements have changed, you can ring the office to pass on a message.  However, with 660+ students and our grades often out and about in the afternoon, it can be challenging to get the message to the student late in the day. Therefore by having students near staff and coming in at the 3:45pm bell, ensures that we are all accounted for.

Remembrance Day

On Friday 11th November at 11am, we will hold a Remembrance Day service.  Our SRC representative will run the service.  We invite our school community to join us.  We will unlock the top gates at 10:45am.  At this stage, we hope to hold the service on the oval but if weather does not permit, it will be in the shed.

If you wish to join us, we will provide limited seating for those that require it.  We also ask that any young children that attend are quiet during the service.

Enjoy your weekend.  For those of you following the T20 World Cup, I was one of the many thousands that sat at the MCG watching grass dry on Friday night.  I am a bit worried that the Australian team will not make the finals.  Hopefully all works in our favour on the weekend.

Heidi Inglis

Office News!


Wednesday 2nd November – State Athletics Championship (selected students)

Wednesday 2nd November – PAYMENT DUE – Softball Regional Finals

Wednesday 2nd November – PAYMENT DUE – Gr 1 African Drumming Incursion

Thursday 3rd November – 2023 Prep Information night (Virtual)

Thursday 3rd November – Volleyball Regional Finals

Monday 7th November – Whole School Assembly

Tuesday 8th November – Gr 5 IMAX & Museum Excursion

Wednesday 9th November – Softball Regional Finals (selected students)

Thursday 10th November – Volleyball Regional Finals (selected students)

Friday 11th November – P&F Movie Night Fundraiser. Gates open at 6:30

Monday 14th November – Prep Space Incursion

Wednesday 16th November – HPV Maryborough begins

Wednesday 16th November – Gr 1 African Drumming Incursion