Congratulations to all our wonderful Preps for a fantastic start to school at Beaconsfield Primary. You should all be really proud of yourselves!

Well done to the five prep students who have received Student of the Week for week two.

Mac M from Prep A – For having an amazing start to Prep and being such a caring and helpful friend to all.

Grace M from Prep B – For her ‘give it a go’ attitude and amazing start to Prep.

Olivia J from Prep C – For a wonderful start to prep and for being a kind and caring friend to others.

Liam T from Prep H – For a fantastic start to Prep and being a great friend to others.

Antonis V from Prep J – For setting an excellent example to his peers by listening to instructions and sharing his knowledge with the class.

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  1. Such a great idea just for our super preppies. It’s a big year for everyone but an especially big one for them as they navigate from kinder to school! So proud of you all ❤️

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