Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations to this recipients of the Beacy Spirit Award for this week.

Olivia 3K – For wonderful work, particularly in numeracy.

Emmy 3G – For excellent writing using similies and voice. Well done!

Alysha 3N – For her excellent contribution in our discussions on similies, idioms and hyperboles!

Joe 3H – For demonstrating a solid understanding of the split strategy and working hard to ‘bump up’ his learning.

Beacy Spirit Award

Congratulations to our Beacy Spirit Award recipients for Week 3.

Paige 3K – For always being super helpful in the classroom.

Amelia 3H – For persisting with her maths and working hard to show her thinking, achieving success.

Luke 3G – For demonstrating his voice when writing a short description about a routine.

Awesome Activities

Today 3G participated in some cup challenges. They had to work together in teams to complete a variety of different challenges including ‘Movin on Up’, ‘Flip Tac Toe’, ‘Cup Collection’ and finally ‘Stack Attack’. They did amazing!  

Grade 3K loved doing Play doh challenges for Awesome Activities. They made animals, transport and food and voted for the one they liked the best. They had so much fun!

Beacy Spirit Awards

Congratulations to our Beacy Spirit Award recipients for Week 2.

Cobie 3K – For his persistence and giving his personal best effort. Great work Cobie!

Chloe 3H – For her thoughtful attitude to all learning tasks and her willingness to support others.

Toby 3G – For being demonstrating a positive attitude towards all aspects of his learning. Keep it up!!!

Oscar 3N – For attentive listening and trying his best with every learning task.

Koby 3N – For taking on feedback and applying it to his learning.

Star Wars Day

Today we celebrated Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!

Beacy Spirit awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving the Beacy Spirit Award for Week 1 of Term 2.

Logan 3K – For his amazing effort during literacy this week.

Kaleb 3G – For beginning Term 2 with fantastic attentive listening resulting in some excellent addition and subtraction work.

Luca 3N – For demonstrating good sportsmanship on Athletics Day. Good Work Luca!

Silas 3H – For his resiliency when overcoming challenges during our Athletics Day.

Grade 3 Sports Day

Today the Grade 3 students had so much fun doing some practise athletics activities such as long jump, hurdles, a 200 metre sprint and shot put in readiness for next year when the students attend the Senior Athletics Carnival. We also competed in a range of relay races, learning the value of teamwork and cooperation. We were so proud of the way the students showed great sportsmanship and persistence throughout the day.


Today the Grade Three students enjoyed baking some delicious ANZAC biscuits and learned about the significance of such an important day on our calendar.

Beacy Spirit awards

Who can believe it is week 10! An amazing week to all Grade Three students with a special mention to this weeks awards winners. We are proud of you!

April fools day

3G – April Fools’ Day Shenanigans

3G participated in some April Fools’ Shenanigans beginning with students being told it was ‘National Wear Your Clothes Backwards Day’, followed by students being unable to open their tubs and find their belongings! They’ve had a fun Friday morning 😀


3N also participated in some shenanigans for April Fools’ Day by joining in on ‘National Wear Your Clothes Backwards Day’, as well as a swap of teachers for the first session. Could the students tell who was Mrs Clayton and who was Miss Nguyen?? 😀

3K and 3H

The grades joined together to join in more April fools’ Day shenanigans as Mrs Humphries created a stack of chairs as a piece of artwork. The students were certainly very puzzled but enjoyed having some fun and also following the ‘National Wear Your Clothes Backwards Day’ and wearing their tops backwards. Lots of fun was had 😀