This week we set off on an excursion to Clip n’ Climb in Berwick. It wasn’t quite a camp experience, but we all agreed it was a fun day.


The Grade 3’s were pumped to be back at school yesterday! After a fun day of exciting STEM activities designing and creating paper rollercoasters, I think we can all agree on one thing, It’s not the ride, it’s who you’re riding with. It’s just lovely to be back together again!


Reading video 9/8/21
Maths video 9/8/21

students of the week -term 3 week 4

Congratulations to our fantastic students of the week!

Allegra 3G: For her informative and creative information report on Tokyo, Japan.
Olivia 3G: For her detailed and descriptive narrative.
Oliver 3G: for his awesome effort with Mrs Trott.
Georgie 3K: For her magnificent effort during remote learning.
Isaac 3K: For always giving 100% effort in his work.
Lane 3H: For composing a detailed summary about Edwin Flack in his own individual way.
Abel 3H: For being a good friend, contributing to class discussions, and winning the maths scoot.
Lacey 3B: For showing great persistence with her maths in remote learning.
Logan 3B: For attacking his learning with a smile.
Lane 3H: for creating a wonderful dot technique inspired nation flag in Art.

a follow up from our party

Just wanted to share this awesome video from 3G and 3B during our party from Friday. An awesome display of persistence and problem solving.

We’re back!

We are all so happy to be back at school in the Grade 3 classrooms, that we decided to throw a party celebrate! Here are some snaps from our surprise celebration. We enjoyed a variety of fun party games, including pin the mask on the teacher, toilet paper limbo, a photo booth plus more! We all agreed it was great to be back together again.

a video from your teachers

We hope you enjoy our Olympics video. We had a lot of fun making it. The Olympics begins on Friday!


Yesterday, we were very lucky to sneak in our excursion to the Wurundjeri walking tour before commencing another 5 day lockdown. Students enjoyed a guided tour of the Margaret Leister Trail and also participated in indigenous activities including the crushing of ochre, emu feather art, hand printing, and an artefact display.